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This is not your normal archery podcast... Professional archer and industry insider Greg Poole discuss all things archery and more! Including Tuning, hunting, industry news and tournament results along with anything else interesting that comes up. Greg's experience and perspective will make for some interesting conversations as he approaches the industry very differently.
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Nov 29, 2016

BJM's Greg Poole is joined by none other then Ret Delta Force operator and American hero Kyle Lamb. In addition to owning Viking tactics and starring in the Viking Chronicles tv show, Kyle is an avid outdoorsman and Archer!! 

Nov 22, 2016

BJM's Greg Poole is joined by MMA star Chad Mendez to talk about his career as a top tier MMA fighter and his passion for the outdoors. Chad owns a celebrity hunting guide service called Finz and featherz where hunters can book hunts of all kinds with one of many MMA, MLB, NFL, PBR or other celebrities. Greg and Chad also talk about Chad's love of Archery and how his father got him started at a very young age. 


Nov 18, 2016

BJM's Greg Poole is joined by Nock On TV's John Dudley to discuss how John got started in Archery, The Ups and downs of his journey to becoming one of the most successful shooters in the industry. Greg & John also talk about what it takes to get into and make it in the outdoor industry and both guys tells some stories about the other. 

Nov 16, 2016

BJM's Greg Poole is joined by Mathews pro staff manager Derek Phillips to discuss all things staff shooting!! From Getting sponsored, what companies look for, what is expected from archers at each level of a staff program and how new comers need to build relationships with their local shop. Greg & Derek also discuss how the industry is not in the position social media would have people believing and talk about the misconception that most pros get paid to shoot.

Nov 15, 2016

BJM's Greg Poole is joined by Mathews owner Matt McPherson. Greg and Matt discuss how Matt got into archery, his love for the technical side of everything he does and how his upbringing made music and faith an integral part of his life from a very young age. Matt also goes into detail about the very first bow he ever built in JR high and why McPherson guitars are unlike any others....and much more!

Nov 14, 2016

BJM's Greg Poole is joined by Kifaru packs Aron Snyder to discuss his journey in the outdoor industry which started in 2001 in Oregon and some of his adventures along the way! Greg & Aron discuss his growth with the Gritty Bowman and how that led to his 2016 Hunting season with a long bow. Aron also goes into detail on why he chose the path he did and some of his most epic and life threatening hunting stories. 

Nov 7, 2016

BJM's Greg Poole is joined by Rock star, lifelong archer and defender of all things 2nd amendment and the outdoor Mr, Ted Nugent. Greg & Ted discuss Ted's beginnings in archery, Target panic, Fred Bear and many other topics. 

Nov 3, 2016

BJM's Greg Poole is joined by Archery learning center owner and Hoyt Pro staff shooter George Ryals to discuss all things archery and take questions from fans on the BJM Facebook.

Nov 1, 2016

BJM's Greg Poole is joined by the President of the Easton foundation Mr, Greg Easton. We discuss the foundations work to further the growth in archery and talk about the founder of Easton, Greg's Grandfather Doug and how Greg's father Jim took over where Doug left of to continue the tradition of Easton in the archery world. Greg also tells a few hunting stories and how archery has a played a role in his life.